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Riggs History

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Finley Riggs & Martha Ann (Gibson) Riggs

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My Great (X1) Grandparents

Paternal Great Grandparents:

Finley Riggs  & Martha Ann (Gibson) Riggs

Finley W. Riggs

Born: 5-29-1846

at: Calhoun, KY

Died: 4-8-1891 

at: Calhoun, KY 

**Martha Ann (Gibson) Riggs:

Born: 11-27-1846 

at: Calhoun, KY 

Died: 6-10-1911

at: Calhoun, KY 

Married: November 19, 1868

Daughter of Maternal Great, Great Grandparents:

William H. and Mary M. (Houston) Gibson

Children of Finley Riggs & Martha Ann (Gibson) Riggs

Finley J Riggs 34 Martha A 33
Mary L. age 10
Alexander C.:age  7
Gibson H. age 4

******Mary Lee Riggs

Born: 1870

Died: 1941

buried: Hartford (Ohio County), KY

Husg\band: ****Samuel Baird

buried: Hartford (Ohio County), KY

Daughter: **Hilda Riggs

buried: Hartford (Ohio County), KY

Samuel Baird was originally from Ohio County, KY.

**Alexander Clarence Riggs

Born: 9-25-1872 

Died: 12-17-1948

Wife: **Lena (Baird) Riggs

Born: 2-24-1879

Died: 2-7-1969

Daughter of Clarence & Irena:

******Irene (Riggs)

 (dates unknown)

married Raymond Sparks (dates unknown, buried in Louisville, KY.)

Son of Raymond & Irena: : Eugene Sparks (1920-)

(*)**Gibson Hansford Riggs

Buried: Pleasant Hope Cemetery, Calhoun, KY.

**Ellaree Riggs

Born: 6-1-1884

Died: 8-26-1965

Husband: **J. Ernest Conditt

Born: 1-14-1877 

Died: 1-3-1944

Buried at: Pleasant Hope Cemetery, Calhoun, KY.

1 child, died at birth, around 1920

Gibson Hansford Riggs

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