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Riggs History

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Gibson H. Riggs & Sallie (Quisenberry) Riggs

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Front: Earnest Condit, Sallie (Quisenberry) Riggs, Gibson (Gip) Riggs
Back: Ella Ree (Riggs) Condit, Mary Lee (Riggs) Baird
Photo taken in 1894

My Grandparents

Paternal Grandparents:

Gibson (aka Gip) Hansford Riggs & Sallie (Quisenberry) Riggs

*Gibson Hansford Riggs:

Born: 1875

Died: 1931

Buried: Pleasant Hope Cemetery in Calhoun, KY

Wife: Sallie (Quisenberry) Riggs 1st wife

Born: 1-3-1876

Died: 12-12-1902

Sallie is believed to have died from heart failure at age 26. caused from dysentery.

Married: DEC. 24, 1895

In: Carrolton, Ind.

Buried in Riggs-Reeves Cemetery, Calhoun, KY

Sister of Sallie (Quisenberry) Riggs

Willett H. Franklin (1869-1924) & Jenny (Quisenberry) Franklin (1870-1955),

Sister of Sallie Quisenberry:Franklin Willett A 1869 – 1924 & Jennie (Quisenberry) 1870-1955, Hardin (son) July 25,1905 Dec 50 1950

Willett H. & Jennie (Quisenberry) Franklin had two sons: Hardin, (July 25,1905 to Dec 50 1950), and Leslie Franklin, (?)(1910-1969) Married to Katherine (Hardin) Franklin, (dates unknown)

Hardin (buried in Pleasant Hope Cemetery, Calhoun, KY), & his unknown wife had 2 daughters, Marsha Franklin & ??.

Second wife of Gibson Riggs: **

Maggie Blanford Riggs


Died: 1967

Married: 11-13-04 

In: Owensboro, KY.

Buried: Pleasant Hope Cemetery, Calhoun, KY.

Maternal Great Grandparents:
E. E. Quisenberry & Maggie (Davis) Quisenberry
lived & died in Greenville (Muhlenberg Co.) KY
Maggie was sister to Jefferson Davis,
1st & only President of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 

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