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Riggs History

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Shelby A. Riggs-Audrey (Thompson) Riggs-Family

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(*) Shelby Alexander (Lex) Riggs II (01-18-45--) 1st wife, Janet Gale (Melton) Riggs,

DOB: (10-7-48), Married 8-28-65; Div: (4-11-66), no children,

Janet Gale Melton, Daughter of Leonard & Ruth (Marrit) Melton

2nd wife (*) Sue Ann (Machek) Riggs (6-2-46), married: (9-9-67), daughter of Louis Phillip Machek (1907-1991) & Mary (Zoran) Machek (1912-1982)

My Children

(*) Jefferson David Riggs (1-20-68-) & Dawn (Lyons) Riggs;

Children: Trevor Jefferson Riggs (4-12-2007)

(*) Rebecca Lynn Riggs (9-8-69-) & *Alvdys Jankauskas

* Alvyds Jankauskas: Born in Lithuania in 1971

Children: Viktorija (English pronunciation is Victoria) Sue Jankaukas

Born: 7-6-2008

In: Henderson, NV USA

My Grandchildren

Trevor Jefferson Riggs (4-12-2007)

Viktorija (English pronunciation is Victoria) Sue Jankaukas

My Brother

Leslie Brooks Riggs: (Jan. 11, 1948-April 6, 1966): died from fall in Rochester, MN.

Unmarried, No Children

My Brother

John David Riggs & 1st wife, Mayme (Blankenship) Riggs,

Married 9-26-68,

div. 4-2-70). No children

Ellen (Zoellner) Riggs, 2nd wife: (married 7-25-70)

John Alan Hugh Riggs (1979-) No Children

Nancy Ellen Riggs (1981-) No Children

My Parents

(*)**Shelby Alexander Riggs (6-9-1899-7-10-63) & 1st wife, Kate (Sledge Riggs), (No Children) born in Indiana, buried in Calhoun Cemetery, (1904-1939)

Father: Gibson Hansford Riggs

Mother: Sallie (Quisenberry) Riggs

2nd wife: (*) Audrey Mae (Thompson) Riggs

Born: 9-26-1920

In: Browns Valley, (Daviess Co.) KY

Died: 2-17-2002

in: Chicago, Ill.

Married Jan. 29, 1940

in: Bowling Green, KY. Div., 11-12-59 in Henderson, KY.

Cremated in Chicago, Illinois, ashes are buried in Calhoun (Ky) Cemetery

My Grandparents

Paternal Grandparents:

Gibson Hansford Riggs (1875-1931) & Sallie Quisenberry (1876-1902)

**Gibson Hansford Riggs: 1875 to 1931 (Age 56) (Pleasant Hope Baptist Cemetery), Calhoun, KY

MGP (2X): E. E. Quisenberry & Maggie Davis

Sallie (Quisenberry) Riggs, 1st wife 1-3-1876 to 12-12-1902: Married on Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM DEC. 24,1895, in Cannelton, Ind. (Sallie is believed to have died from heart failure at age 26. possibly caused from dysentery or what was commonly called "Consumption" in the Nineteenth century & the early 20th century). Sallie is buried in a small cemetery along with Finley & Martha Ann Riggs, and some members of the Reeves family, that are also distantly related to the Riggs’, on private property about 2 miles from Clayton Riggs’ farmhouse on KY 250.

John David Hardin married Nannie Quisenberry, sister of Sallie & Jennie Quisenberry. Willett H. Franklin (1869-1924) & Jennie (Quisenberry) Franklin (1870-1955), sister of Sallie Quisenberry:

Franklin Willett A. 1869 – 1924 married to Jennie (Quisenberry) 1870-1955.
Hardin (son) July 25,1905 Dec 50 1950

Willett H. & Jennie (Quisenberry) Franklin had two sons: Hardin Franklin, (July 25,1905 to Dec. 5, 1950), and Leslie Franklin, (6-05-02 to 1-30-69), Married to Kathryn (Hardin or Haynes) Franklin, 12-26-1905 to 6-27-1988), buried in Calhoun Cemetery, Calhoun, KY. In the Haynes Family Plots.

Hardin & his (name unknown) wife had 2 daughters, Marsha Franklin Verdi & Janice Franklin Morton. . (Pleasant Hope Baptist Cemetery), Calhoun, KY.

Second wife: **Maggie Blanford Riggs (1886-1967) married on 11-13-04, WED. In Owensboro, KY. Buried at (Pleasant Hope Baptist Cemetery) Calhoun, KY.This is believed to be Maggie Blanford Riggs’ sister: F. M. Curtis AND Agnes Blanford Curtis married 10-21-06 BY REV JAMES KIRTBY Children of Gibson Hansford Riggs & (*) Sallie Quisenberry Riggs (*):

**Hugh Haynes Riggs: (born Oct. 17 1896-1970) & Mae (NMN) (Taylor) Riggs (1898-1974) (Pleasant Hope Cemetery) Calhoun, KY.

Mae Riggs parents: Adrian (Bob) Taylor, & Betsy Mayhan Taylor

Hansford: (1920-1935) (Pleasant Hope Baptist Cemetery) Calhoun, KY.

James B.: (Pleasant Hope Baptist Cemetery) Calhoun, KY.

Walter: (1932-1942) (Pleasant Hope Baptist Cemetery) Calhoun, KY.

Baby Riggs (UN-named) (died at birth) (sex of baby unknown) (Pleasant Hope Baptist Cemetery) Calhoun, KY.

Marvin Earl (John) Riggs 3-21-22), (did not marry), (No Children)

Clayton (NMI) Riggs 10-23-23) & Maxine (No Children), married around 1978

Lorene Riggs & Donald Penrod

Hugh Gary Penrod, (1950-)

Nita, (1952-2003) (spinal-meningitis)

Donna, (1957-)

Nadine (NMI) Riggs (1927-) & William "Bub" Bennett (1917-) No children

Alice Riggs & Donald R. Harness

Tracy Riggs, (1957-1978) (died in auto accident in Illinois at age 21, in 1978)

Marsha (1959--)

Sally Jo (1961-)

Sally Betsy Riggs & Charles Whacker

Gibson Hansford (GIP) (9-29-37) & Lillie Mae (Durbin) Riggs (1-16-38-)

Stephen Hansford Riggs: (10-24-59) & Debra (Sunn) Riggs, (7-18-62) married 12-17-83

Michael Hansford Riggs: (1-21-86) Ashley Nicole Riggs: (4-1-87)

Sarah Marie Riggs: (12-31-91) Rhonda Gail (Riggs) Pendley: (5-29-61) & Bradley Gorden Pendley (1-8-67) married 9-2-88

Brandon Gorden Pendley: (8-25-99)

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