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Riggs History

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The links above are all in chronological order, with the first
generation of Riggs in America to the present day Riggs.

The Riggs in America (1674-2008)

This is a history of the Abraham Riggs family and the descendents that covers a period of American History for over 300 years. The Riggs family migrated from England to North America, settling in Virginia and then to Kentucky, finally settling in the McLean County area in Western Kentucky. We have 10 generations of the Riggs family from 1674 to the present date. There are descendents of Abraham Riggs in all parts of the United States, from New York to California. A large part of the Riggs family that settled in Virginia still live in and around McLean County, & Daviess County, Kentucky. The county seat of McLean County, Ky. is Calhoun, with a population of about 800. Population for McLean County is approximately 10,000. Other towns in McLean County are Livermore, Sacramento, Island, Beech Grove & Rumsey. The Green River borders Calhoun and runs through McLean County, as does also the Rough River. A portion of the Riggs' settled in Livia, which is a small rural community that was made mainly of farmhouses on the McLean & Daviess County borders on US 431.

     The largest community in McLean County is the city of Livermore, population 1,500, which lies in the eastern part of the county at the scenic confluence of the Rough and Green Rivers. Livermore's bridge is noteworthy, as it begins in McLean County, crosses the Rough River, passes over and has a pylon on a sliver of Ohio County territory, crosses Green River, then ends back in McLean County. This makes this particular unique bridge the only one in the entire world that crosses 2 counties & 2 rivers.  

     There were two sets of Riggs’ that came to America in the 17th Century, one part settled in Massachusetts and the others settled in Virginia. Our direct lineage of Riggs’ is from the Virginia descendants. It is not known if they are related. There are no records indicating that they were related. If so it would have been in 1500 preceding immigration to America. The Riggs roots have been traced back to the British Isles, which includes Scotland, Ireland, Wales, & England. The liklihood is very high that the Riggs are from British descendents.


by: Shelby Alexander (Lex) Riggs
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The picture above is of the Riggs family
taken about 1905.

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