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Lex Riggs Through the Years

My Bio

I attended Jefferson Grade School from 1951 to 1957, Barret Jr. High School and Henderson City High from 1959 to 1961, and would have been in the class of HHS 1963. My family moved to Chicago in the summer of 1961 following my sophomore year. I graduated from Calumet High School in Chicago, and attended Wright Jr. College in Chicago on a basketball scholarship, playing under Coach Ed Badger. After a year in college I played for the Rogers Park basketball team in the Chicago Park District League, and scored the Park League all-time high of 66 points against Brainerd Park.

(Mike Callahan, the Coach of the Rogers Park basketball team says that I actually scored 82 points. Somehow the free throws were off the final tally. Mike said that he contacted the Chicago Park basketball league and said he was 46 years too late to make any changes.) Oh well, that was a really long time ago.


My brief basketball fame came to a screeching halt with my military obligations. Now, don't take this as a claim for being a great basketball player, the Brainerd Park team was on the same level as the Uniontown St. Agnes High School Knights, the same team which they allowed Wayne Oakley of Hanson High School to score an astounding 114 points on December 21, 1954. This was the same St. Agnes team that lost to Barret Manual 118-18 in a district tornament game. To put it in the proper perspective, they were flat assed bad. Possibly even St. Agnes High could have beaten Brainerd Park that day.

I enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps in June, 1964 and served until 1970. After Vietnam & the U. S. Marine Corps, I started taking life a helluva lot more serious. I was a banker in Sturgis (Union Co. KY) from 1970 until 1978. I attended Univ. of Evansville from 1970 to 1976, getting my degree in banking & Finance. I also attended 2 summer sessions at UK in Lexington, and took advance banking-finance classes at Rutgers University in East Brunswick New Jersey receiving my masters degree in banking & finance. After banking my wife & I owned 5 businesses in Sturgis which included an insurance agency, a monument business, the first cordless phone franchise in Kentucky, a coin shop and a Western Auto store, which we sold the same year.
At the advice of doctors for my daughter's allergies, we relocated to Mesa, Arizona and then moved to the Las Vegas Valley in 1988. I was a promoter for oldies venues from 1996 through 2003. My wife & I got to meet many oldies stars in that time period. Mary Kaye (of the Mary Kaye Trio) and I worked on a $12 million dollar concert that would have been the largest Rock & Roll show in music history with over 150 original performers. But with the soaring costs and the deaths of many performers, our dream concert stayed just that, a dream. Here's the link to the web-site:
From 1994 through 2003 while owning a company that I started named TBR Services, Inc., which was the only company in the United States that offered a comparison of the mortgage industry on a daily basis. As a result of the success with TBR, I became the voice of the Nevada Banking Industry on local talk radio shows in Las Vegas. Our financial radio show was chosen as the best of the west in 1998 and 1999 and again in 2001, and we were national runners-up in 2001 & 2002. We were syndicated in 17 different states on 62 different radio stations. I was the advice giver for the Mortgage segament on Prime 1 TV news show in 2000 and 2001.

With mounting health problems and the pressures from the day in day out grind with talk radio, live TV and the Mortgage rating business, I decided to retire completely in 2003.

I have been married to Sue Ann (nee Machek of DePue, Ill) for almost 43 years (9-9-67), and we have 1 son, Jefferson David Riggs, married to Dawn (Lyons) Riggs & 1 daughter, Rebecca Lynn Riggs Jankaukus, married to Alvidas Jankaukus. We have we have one granddaughter Viktorija Sue Jankaukus, (Lithuanian, pronounced Victoria), age 2 years and one grandson, Trevor Jefferson Riggs, age 3. Sue is an RN lactation Consultant for a Catholic Healthcare West Hospital in Henderson, NV, St Rose De Lima. As of May 7, the Maternity Child Center at St Rose De Lima shut down after 66 years of operations when they opened in 1944.


Lex Riggs, 1946, age 1

Brother John in background, age 5


Lex Riggs, 1951, age 6, 1st grade

Jefferson Grade School

Henderson, KY


Lex Riggs, 1955, age 10. 4th grade

Jefferson Grade School

Henderson, KY


Lex Riggs, 1957, age 12. 6th grade

Jefferson Grade School

Henderson, KY


Lex Riggs, 1960, age 15, 9th Grade

Henderson City High School

Henderson, KY


Lex Riggs, 1961, age 16, 10th Grade

Henderson City High School

Henderson, KY


Lex Riggs, 1963, age 18, 12th Grade

Calumet High School

Chicago, Ill.


Lex Riggs, 1965, age 20,

PFC, United States Marine Corps


Lex Riggs & Sue Ann Machek, May 7, 1967


Lance Corporal Shelby A. (Lex) Riggs (age 21) & future wife Sue (Machek) Riggs, U. S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball, Nov. 10, 1966


Lex Riggs and mother Audrey Riggs, with lovely bride Sue Ann Machek (in rear) at St. Mary's Catholic Church. DePue, Illinois, Sept. 9, 1967


Lex Riggs & with new & the very lovely bride, Sue Ann (Machek) Riggs, at reception at Hotel Kaskaskia, La Salle, Ill., Sept. 9, 1967


Lex & Sue Riggs, September 9, 1992

25th Wedding anniversary


Becky Riggs, Jeff Riggs, Dawn Riggs, Sue Riggs, Lex Riggs, Christmas 2006


Lex-Sue-Dawn-Trevor-Jeff-Becky-Viktorija-Alvys, Sept. 2008 


Our Grandchildren, photo taken July 3, 2010,

Viktorija Jankaukus (pronounced Victoria Yan-cow-kus) & Trevor Riggs.

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